9 Must Watch SEO Video Tutorials January 9, 2023

Best SEO Video Tutorial

In a previous post, we revealed to you the best YouTube SEO Channels. As you already know by now, here at Best 4 SEO, apart from our services, we like to educate our clients, this is why in this post, we will show you the best SEO Video tutorials that you must watch if you want to learn more about SEO.

Before you read the below post, it is important that you understand that most of the below videos are general and beginner Search engine optimization tutorials either for people who know nothing about Search Engine Optimization or those who want to refresh their memory about it or even those who want to see if they missed anything.

Some are very basic simple videos consisting of a few minutes while others are long courses with a length of ten hours.

Whichever you prefer depends on how much time you have and to what extent you wish to learn about search engine optimization.

Now let’s take a look at what these SEO Video tutorials are.

SEO Video Tutorial #1: Ahrefs Complete SEO Course.

As we all know, Ahrefs is one of the most important SEO tools available, though not cheap, but it is a good thing they have a YouTube SEO channel to teach SEO enthusiasts and eager learners.

This is a two-hour crash course on Search Engine Optimization for beginners. This video is a great resource that will teach you the following:

  1. SEO definition and its importance
  2. What keywords are and how to research them
  3. How to analyze the purpose of the user’s search for a specific topic
  4. Check ranking difficulty
  5. Introduction to On-page SEO
  6. Optimizing your page or post for your focus keyword
  7. Link structure and its importance
  8. What are BAcklinks and how to build them
  9. How to reach out to bloggers
  10. Technical SEO introduction and practices

SEO Video Tutorial #2: Simplelearn’s SEO Tutorial For Beginners

Simplelearn is an online course provider, Bootcamp, and certification platform. They have courses that cover topics like data science, business analytics, digital marketing, AI, machine learning, leadership, quality management, cybersecurity…etc The list goes on and on.

On their YouTube Channel, they have a comprehensive 8-hour comprehensive SEO video tutorial that covers the most important topics of SEO to help get you started.

In this YouTube SEO Tutorial, you will learn:

  1. SEO meaning
  2. Why do SEO
  3. What is Keyword Research
  4. Copywriting
  5. Trends in the industry
  6. Analytics
  7. Importance of Keyword research and its types and how to do it.
  8. Google Analytics and reports
  9. Google Tags and their importance
  10. How to rank
  11. How to write high-quality content
  12. Why you should keep your users engaged
  13. How to promote your content
  14. YouTube Video Optimization
  15. How to drive more traffic to your website
  16. Importance of traffic
  17. Paid advertisements

Tutorial #3: Brian Dean’s SEO for Beginners

Brian Dean is an Entrepreneur and founder of Backlinko & Exploding Topics. In his YouTube SEO Channel, he bestows his wisdom upon viewers who want to learn and dive into the world of search engine optimization.

This SEO Video Tutorial is short compared to the ones above, as it is not a course. It is a 12-minute video that governs the most important SEO topics. It is the right video for you, especially if you don’t want to sit through hours to learn the basics and just want to have an idea.

This SEO Video tutorial covers:

  1. Getting started with keyword research
  2. Create decent content around your keywords
  3. How to optimize content for users and search engines
  4. Tactical examples from Dean’s experience
  5. How to optimize blogs
  6. Strategies he used for his own company, Backlinko

SEO Video #4: SEMrush’s SEO for Beginners

The world’s leading digital marketing tool has its own YouTube channel to share its knowledge with users. This 17-minute video is perfect for beginners as it covers the four core pillars of SEO: Keywords, Technical SEO, Content and Backlinks.

Here is what the SEO tutorial covers:

  1. SEO Definition
  2. The 4 pillars of SEO
  3. How to do keyword research like a pro
  4. Introduction to technical SEO
  5. How to create SEO content and optimize it
  6. The importance of Backlinks

SEO Video Tutorial #5: Advanced Step-By-Step SEO Tutorial

Brian Dean makes the list again, this time with a more advanced SEO Video tutorial. If you want to rank higher on Google, then this 14-minute video will teach you the fundamentals of SEO and how to utilize strategies in an advanced way. Dean will show you in this video the following:

  1. Improve the loading speed of your website
  2. Technical SEO
  3. 3 ways to find keywords your competition doesn’t know about
  4. Create amazing content around your found keywords
  5. How to promote your content through backlinks
  6. Step-by-step link building
  7. Bonus tip at the end of the video: How to optimize your website for Google RankBrain.

Tutorial #6: Ferdy Korpershoek RankMath Tutorial

RankMath is a WordPress Plugin that you can install and it helps you optimize your page or blog.

It is free and a pro version, surely there are more options in the pro version, but the free version can also help you as well.

Below are some of the features offered by Rank Math that Ferdy Korpershoek will teach you:

  • Setup RankMath
  • Import Data From Other Plugins
  • Setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Setup Your Sitemap
  • NoFollow Links
  • The RoleManager
  • Redirect Broken Urls With The 404 Monitor
  • Schema MarkUp
  • Introduction to RankMath SEO
  • Site Analytics
  • SEO Performance
  • Keywords and positioning them
  • Get More Statistics With RankMath Pro
  • Links
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Optimize Images Using RankMath
  • Robot.txt
  • RSS feed Settings
  • RankMath WooCommerce
  • The 404 Monitor
  • Redirections
  • Meta Title and Description Settings
  • Setup Social Media Settings
  • Archive Search Results Display Settings
  • Blog Post SEO Settings
  • Page SEO Settings
  • Category SEO Settings
  • Configure Your SiteMap For Google
  • SEO Analysis
  • Create A Focus Keyword
  • Index Your Posts

SEO Video Tutorial # 7 : WPBeginner WordPress SEO Tutorial

Most website owners use WordPress to manage their websites. This video will show you how to use WordPress for the best Search Engine optimization practices.

It is a simple and short tutorial of only 25 minutes and it includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Visibility settings
  • WWW or no WWW
  • Best SEO plugin
  • XML sitemaps
  • Google Search Console
  • Optimize blog posts for SEO
  • SEO research
  • Best practices
  • Optimize WordPress comments
  • NoFollow links
  • Site Speed and performance
  • Site Security and safety

Video SEO Tutorial #8: Simple Learn SEO Beginners Tutorial 2023

SimpleLearn is an academy founded in India in 2009. It gives various online courses covering several topics including SEO.

They’re one of the best and that is why yet another video from their YouTube channel makes the list of the best SEO Video Tutorials.

The video is 10 hours long and it is considered a full SEO course updated to e compatible with the best SEO practices in 2023.

Here is what the course covers:

  • SEO Tutorial For Beginners Intro
  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Why Choose Search Engine Optimization?
  • Keyword Research
  • Copywriting
  • Employment and Industry Trends
  • Analytics
  • Why do a Keyword Research
  • Types of Keyword Research
  • How to do Keyword Research
  • LSI Keyword
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Explaining Google Tag Manager
  • Advantages of Google Tag Manager
  • How Google Tag Manager Works
  • How to Get started with Google Tag Manager
  • How to Rank First on Google
  • High-Quality Content
  • How to get good rank on your YouTube Videos
  • YouTube Keyword Research
  • Importance of user Engagement
  • Promote your content
  • Optimize your youtube videos
  • Create High-Quality Video
  • Engage with your Audience
  • How to get Traffic to your Website?
  • Why is traffic Important?
  • Paid Advertising

Video SEO Tutorial #9: LinkedIn Learning SEO Essential Techniques

This is a very simple and short video that covers the essential SEO techniques that you should do.

It is provided by LinkedIn Learning which is a YouTube channel belonging to LinkedIn that covers mostly business and technology-related topics and since Search Engine Optimization is a little bit of both, it was obvious that they made a video about it.

The video includes the below topics:

  • How To Make your website accessible to crawlers?
  • What a good website hierarchy looks like?
  • Make your website easy to read by marking important content
  • How to optimize your URL.
  • Heading hierarchy
  • Image optimization
  • Website Map (HTML, XML and Robots.txt)

Final Thoughts

Those were our top 5 chosen SEO videos available to watch on YouTube for free. They are mostly good videos for beginners, so they are a good starting point for your SEO journey. However, after finishing these videos and understanding their content, it would be time to move on to more specific and complex SEO tutorials and strategies.

Luckily, each of these channels on YouTube, or the top channels we previously mentioned, are focus on search engine optimization. Therefore, you will find any other SEO topic covered in depth on these channels. Be it backlinks, keyword research, competition analysis, ranking, content writing and so on.

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