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Content Optimization

Think of content optimization as a long-term marketing strategy.

You can get as many visitors to your site from the UK and abroad as you like but if the content is not quality or does not serve their purpose, then these visits will be empty bullets fired.

So if you would like to attract more visitors and keep them interested through high-quality SEO-friendly content, then Best 4 SEO is the right destination.

Our multilingual SEO Content Writing specialists can swiftly create or adjust your current content to be more engaging to readers and up to standards with Search Engine Ranking Algorithms.

When deriving a content strategy we ask the following questions:

  • What is the message you want to convey?
  • What is the search intent of the users?
  • Who is your target audience, are they in the UK or abroad?

Accordingly, and whilst apply on-page SEO techniques, we create content that ranks and lasts.

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Benefits of Our Content Optimization Services

  • Generating content that leads to conversion
  • Content that is pleasant to readers and Search Engines
  • Appealing to the target market
  • Target Keywords that are mostly searched in the UK
  • Affordable way to achieve sustainable growth

Content Optimization 10 Magic Strategies

Now let’s keep you informed about how a content is considered SEO-friendly or not.
After all, we learn new techniques and share them with our clients so that we both grow together.
Below are the important aspects of content writing that we tackle and which is considered an indispensable part of on-page SEO.

Search Intent

Why is the user searching for a particular query? We adjust your content to answer the users’ query. For example people searching for ”Home Workouts” expect to see results of videos of home workouts or guides about exercises they can do at home.

Keyword Research

What are thee users typing in their search queries? Keyword search and volume is an important aspect of SEO-friendly content. Our goal is to make sure that the high-volume yet relevant keywords are inserted into your content appropriately and without stuffing.

Header Hierarchy

H1-Desserts Recipes H2-Strawberry Cheesecake H3- Strawberry Cheesecake Ingredients H3- Strawberry Cheesecake Preparation. H2- Chocolate Cake Recipe- H3-Chocolate Cake Ingredients H3- Chocolate Cake Preparation. You get the idea. Diving your page into several parts and structuring it in a chronological and logical way is a must. It breaks down long boring content into chunks and becomes easier to navigate.

Meta Tags & Description

Often we see websites with many impressions but very little clicks. This is because the Title Tag and Meta Description are not appealing enough. After all, this is what the user sees before clicking on your site.

Eliminating Cannibalization

We want to target a very competitive keyword with high search volume. But, adding this keyword to multiple pages is not the way to do it. This is known as Cannibalization. So we shall assess all your pages and make sure there are no duplicate keywords.


Schema markups like FAQs or Lists or How-To Guides come a long way in making your content reader-friendly and informative. When done properly, these sections might be featured snippets on SERPs.

Image Optimization

We resize image so your page won’t lag. We add alt texts, captions, descriptions. All these plus actually having unique and relevant photos on your website is called Image Optimization. Since images are a part of your content, they must be SEO-friendly. Plus, images or videos add a little flavor to the content.


One of the most significant ranking factors that we always prioritize is link-building. Linking to external resources with high domain authority and linking internally from one page to another helps Search Engines to identify the important pages within your website.

In-depth Coverage

If you want to be a pioneer in your field you have to look like one. This is why our expert content writers will sit with you and discuss all possible topics that can be covered within your line of work. This especially can be achieved by adding a blog and constantly posting new content.

Constant Updating

Now this is just an advice from us to you. Keep updating your content whenever something different arises. This way Search engines will understand that you are active and that the content is indeed up tp date.

SEO-Friendly Content With Best 4 SEO

If you see that your website content is not inline with some or any of our content optimization procedures, it is probably time for you to give us a call.

We have a dedicated and expert team of content writers that will transform your content or create new one for you.

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Content Optimization FAQs

What is Content Optimization?

Based on your content, search engines decide for which queries should they show your website. Content optimization is adding or editing the content of your website to make it easier to find.

How does content optimization work?

In order to create a SEO-friendly content, we find the keywords or keyword phrases with high search volume and that answer your customer’s search intent and accordingly, the content is written.

How much do content optimization services cost?

Content optimization services are ongoing. It depends on how many pages you have on your website and how many do you want to add. The content needs to be constantly updated and follow up on keyword positions must be monitored ass well. Do contact us for a free consultation. It can be 35 GBP per article, depending on the length and genre.

What are the benefits of content optimization?

Content optimization generates higher conversion rates since it is pleasant to readers and search engines alike. This will help your website become appealing to your target market and fulfil their search intent.

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