Content Marketing Services

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Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing is a business marketing strategy whereby you can tell your brand’s story to your audience in the UK or abroad through multiple channels.

Content Marketing Services are an indispensable part of Search Engine Optimization as content not only reflects your brand, but it also shows search engines and your target market that you have expertise in your industry and thus, will put your website among the top 10 organic SERPs for the right keywords.

Contact us  today if you want Best 4 SEO Company team to develop, write, edit and promote content for your brand in line with all SEO guidelines and through the most effective channels.

Best 4 SEO Company Content Marketing Services

Benefits of Content Marketing Services

  • More on-site content
  • More organic traffic
  • Higher domain authority
  • Higher conversion rates if content strategy done right
  • More Social Media Traffic & Followers
  • Better Brand Reputation
  • Decreased Marketing Costs

Content Marketing Strategy for the United Kingdom

Boost your online presence by having compelling content on your website associated with your brand name.

Our SEO content marketing strategy consists of Four Key parts:

Content Strategy

The first step we provide in our Content Marketing Services is a thorough analysis of your industry and what content should be present on your website and social media channels in order to show search engines and your target market that you are a pioneer in your industry.

Content Development

After having analyzed what your brand is missing in terms of content, it is time to reach a deal on the quantity and length of content you wish to be added to your website. In SEO, quality and quantity of content are equally important. The more pages you have, and the longer they are, the more you can apply SEO tactics to your benefit like adding more links and so on.

SEO Content Creation

The next step would be developing an SEO content marketing strategy whereby our copywriters research the keywords you must target and rank for and create an SEO-friendly content accordingly. These keywords can be focused on residents in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland separately or all around the UK. If you wish to target other countries we will research for keywords with high search volume in those countries as well.

Content Reporting

Over the course of a few months or weeks even, you will notice more customer activity.

This is due to the fact that your website is now achieving higher ranks for certain keywords relevant to your industry. Our job here is to monitor this progress.

What Content Marketing Services do we Offer?

With our Content Marketing Services, you can develop a reputation for your brand. The more valuable and informative content you have on your website and the more interactive content you share on our social media channels, the more trust you build among your target audience for your brand.

We offer four main online content marketing services, these are the following:

  • Long-form pages : Having long, informative, yet compelling pages for each aspect of your brand is a must if you wish to target more keywords and reach more audience. This is why we advice our clients that each page be at least 1,500 words long and well-structured and full of visuals.
  • Blog Posts : A blog is an extension of your website whereby you share your thoughts and expertise over particular topics. A blog is also a good way to boost the overall SEO performance of a website as blogs can be used to add more links and focus more on long-tail keywords.
  • Social Media Posts: Having multiple social media channels can be a little overwhelming, but it is a must in today’s digital world as different types of customers exist on different channels. For example if you want to target businesses rather than individual customers, you must have a well-established and active LinkedIn account. Social media is powerful as the total number users in the UK is 57.6 million. This means that 84.3% of the 68.35 million population in the UK use social media.
  • Videos: Whether you want to create and edit videos to add to your YouTube channel or simply on your website or any social media posts, our copywriters and graphic designers will team up with you to create interactive, captivating, and helpful videos to boosts your brand awareness and client engagement.

Key Elements in an SEO Content Marketing Strategy

When deriving your SEO Content Marketing Strategy, there are 6 key elements we take into consideration.

Focus Keyword

Each page or blog post or even social media post must have a main keyword that this page should rank for. It is also important to choose the keywords with high search volume among users in the United Kingdom as a whole or specific countries within it (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland separately). It all depends on your business strategy and the audience you wish to reach.

Heading Structure

For the content to be more readable, it is best to divide it by using headers.

Link Building

Linking building is one of the key elements in content marketing SEO. If you link a page to another relevant page then readers might click on that page and read it too. Moreover, linking to your valuable pages gives search engines a signal that these pages are valuable.

Avoiding Duplicate Content

One common misconception about content creation is that people think it is kay to have duplicate content as long it is on the same website as long as this means they get to have more content. That is absolutely wrong. Each and every page, even if within the same website has to be unique.

Visual Aids

Images, videos, infographics and other forms of visuals make content more readable and more interesting than a plain page.

Title Tags & Meta Description

The title tag and meta description are what people see on Search Engine Results Page before clicking on your website. If they like what they read, they will click, if not they will click someone else’s website. This is why having a compelling, yet honest meta description and title tag is a must.

Our Preferred Online Content Marketing Tools

google ads
google search console

Why Choose Best 4 SEO’s Content Marketing Services?

Anyone can generate content. Even nowadays, AI can generate articles for you.

However, since content marketing is key to drive more traffic to your website and create more brand awareness, it cannot be done by general writers or AI itself.

It needs human supervision and these humans have to be experts in the SEO industry to make sure that your content is in line within the best SEO practices provided by Google Webmasters Guidelines.

We have a team of experience SEO content writers that know what tools to utilize to hand-pick the keywords you should target and write content accordingly.

Content Marketing Services FAQs

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of driving more traffic to your website and creating brand awareness through your content and making it visible on search engines.

What content marketing services do yo offer in the UK?

For the UK region, our content marketing services include four main elements and these are long-form pages, blog posts, social media posts and videos.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is important because it is an everlasting approach to promote your brand online. It is different from paid ads as it drives customers to you by being informative and helpful and compelling.

For whom are content marketing services suitable for?

Content marketing services are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Startups and well-developed businesses in the United Kingdom equally need content on their website that is in line with SEO guidelines and that drives more traffic to them.

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