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SEO Friendly Content

If you have a website, and you want to drive more traffic to it, then read on, because here at Best4SEO, we are more than just a marketing agency, along with our services, we like to share our information with our clients and educate them.

Writing SEO friendly content is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your websites without having to resort to the pay-per-click advertisement. In this article, we will give you the best tips on how to write SEO friendly content to optimize your website and rank higher on search engines.

Keyword Research

Before beginning to write any SEO Friendly Content, you must research keywords.

Keywords are a set of words that are supposed to be included in your SEO content at a density of 2.5 %.

The keywords must be relevant to your SEO Friendly Content and be the ones with the highest search volume in a specific geographical region.

Keyword Research before writing is important for SEO Friendly Content

There are several free platforms that help you gather a set of keywords for your SEO Friendly Content:

  • Google Predictions: When you search something on Google, it automatically gives you suggestions. These suggestions are important because it means that people are also typing them in their search.
  • Google Ads: It allows you to type several keywords in your mind in all languages and locations and compare their search volume to choose the best among them.
  • Serp Robot: It allows you to browse Google search from any country you want. It also shows you your website’s rank for a particular keyword as well as the top 10 websites for the keyword too. This helps you get an idea about where your website ranks and check out what competitors are doing to rank higher.
  • Google Search Console: This platform shows you how many clicks and impressions you got on certain keywords and in specific countries too. Search Console has so many features that help you monitor and fix your website’s performance.

Keyword Density/Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Density represents how frequently your focus keyword and other keywords appear within your SEO content.

A Good keyword density would be 2% which means for every 100 words; your keyword appeared twice.

Why is Keyword density critical? It hints to the search engine that this word is essential in the content ad that you are aiming to rank for it.

However, be careful not to stuff keywords randomly just to increase the keyword density.

Let them be coherent with your SEO content.

Here is the formula to calculate Keyword Density:

(Keyword Frequency / Total Word Count) X 100

For example, if your SEO content is 1,000 words long and the keyword appears ten times.

(10/1000) X 100 = 1%

SEO Title & Meta Description

As you can see in the image above, the SEO title and the meta description are how you appear in search results. Make sure that the SEO title is catchy and includes your focus keyword, and make sure that it is between 50 and 60 characters, not more, not less.

As for the Meta description, also keep it short and informative and include your focus keyword and other keywords if possible. Keep it between 120 and 160 characters.

SEO Friendly URL

In order for the URL to be SEO friendly it should apply the following:

  • Include Focus Keyword: The Focus Keyword must appear in the URL
  • URL must not include non-ASCII characters and capital letters.
  • Avoid using stop words like a, an, the, is…
  • URL must be chronological, meaning
  • URL Length must be less than 115 characters. The optimal URL length is 75 or a little less.

Regarding Arabic SEO, It is preferable if you do not use Arabic characters inside the URL as Search Engines cannot read them.

Link Structure Within A SEO Friendly Content

Internal linking refers to linking a page on your website to another page also within your website. Internal linking is extremely important because it helps Google bots differentiate between different pages on your website, as well as learn which pages are more important than others (pages you link more). As for how to it, it takes a long time to master, but to keep it simple, you should link relevant pages and use the focus keyword in these pages as an anchor word.

External links are links to websites other than your own. It is important to choose carefully what you are linking to. The website should have a strong domain rank, so people know it is not spam or something. Make sure you are linking to something informative and beneficial, too, and not random; and most importantly, don’t link out to a competitor, and don’t use one of your keywords for external linking, only for internal linking.

If your website becomes a valuable asset of information and so forth, other websites will actually provide organic linking. This is mostly hat big names like Wikipedia, or Amazon are mentioned on other websites without having to make an agreement with these websites. They are simply mentioned because they are reliable sources and the best of the best. Maybe one day, your company can develop to become one of the most trusted companies in its domain.

Grammar & Clarity

Google realizes that you are writing for an audience.

How can you expect your audience or target market to trust you and your product if your SEO content is filled with grammatical and spelling errors?

Also, you need to make sure that your tone is clear and that the message you are trying to send is transmitted with ease.

They say that SEO friendly content should be readable to 8th graders.

Your audience does not want you to show off your academic and linguistic skills, they simply want something easy to read and understand, and they can engage with as well as benefit from.

SEO content Depth & Search Intent

To have SEO content depth, your website must cover all the aspects of your topic.

For example, if you have an affiliate site that promotes online casinos, you must have separate pages covering all casino games and the types of casinos, and what they offer.

You should also talk about sports betting.

You must even review online casinos.

The more you expand on each topic, the better.

The most important thing you must pay attention to is the search intent.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and predict why you are searching for this particular keyword.

For example, most users searching for online casinos either want to know which website is best for them to play, or they might be just getting started and have no idea, so they want to gather all the information they can get.

On the other hand, many users also look for the online casino winning tips.

The point is to cover as many topics as possible.

If your website has a blog, this will help you tackle more specific keywords and topics by writing a blog page for them.

Now that you know you have to write many pages, you have to ensure they are very clear and well-inserted in the navigation menu.

Update SEO content

Be careful if any of the SEO content you wrote on existing pages has changed and is no longer correct or if you found new content related to the page that must be added.

This is good for two main reasons.

Google Search Engine Will understand that your page is constantly updated and therefore knows that the site is not abandoned.

You will establish more trust with your readers as they know they can resort to your page if they need all the latest information regarding a certain topic.

Other Steps You Can Follow To Write SEO Friendly Content

Keywords, URLs, link structure, SEO title and Meta description are the main points to pay attention to while writing SEO Friendly Content, but you can also follow more steps for optimal results.

Word Count

Even though some SEO tools say that the minimum SEO content must be 600. In reality, the minimum must be 1,500. Search engines love long content, as long as you manage to keep it informative and engaging. The best word count would be between 2,500 and 4,000.

Focus keywords in Headings

Make sure to include your focus keyword and other keywords present in the Page Title (H1). You should also insert them in subheadings (H2, H3, H4…). Just be careful not to stuff them and coherently insert them. This way, search engines understand that these words are important to your page.

Rich SEO text

You can go a long way f you add images and videos to your SEO text. Users will enjoy your content much more if it has visuals. Just make sure that these visuals are not stolen from another website and that they serve the purpose of your page.

Short Paragraphs & Add Lists

Short paragraphs are a must; in fact, one sentence per line is even better. Readers will immediately lose interest in long paragraphs. The goal is to keep your SEO text as readable and engaging as possible. Other than short paragraphs, you can add lists. A list of steps, a list of items, a list of features, it depends on your SEO text. You can even write the important sentences or keywords in Bold to highlight their importance.

Use How To Schema & FAQ

On WordPress, for example, and other tools, you can add a ”How To” Schema whereby you explain steps for doing something to your readers, like how to cook Lasagna if you have a cooking blog. FAQ questions are also important because they might be the answer to any queries they might have.

Table of Contents

Use Table of Contents to break down your page. This way, the reader will find it easy to navigate through the page and skip to the section he/she wants to read. In order for a table of contents to be well structured, your heading structure must be correct.

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